"I make a lot of excuses for you
to avoid a broken heart. You’re
shy and unsure, you’re busy,
you’re anxious, you’re waiting
for the right time, you just need
some convincing. I keep my
thoughts on your arms around
my waist; I keep my thoughts
on your voice on the phone,
and never this: that I should
never have to convince a man
to want me. That not telling me
you have feelings for me
probably means that you don’t."
anne, you know I want you but won’t say you want me (via anneisrestless)
"I’m underwater this month. I’m
deep and dark, so every bit of
news that reaches me comes
sopping and soaked with water
itself. Everything bad seems
twice as heavy because it comes
with the weight of sadness that
is already all around me."
anne, on why I’m overreacting to everything (via anneisrestless)
"I was told love would
come if I waited but we both
know I’m too impulsive for that.
If you don’t wait for wine it’s
just grape juice and you could
drink it all day and have nothing
but a stomach ache. I keep trying
to get drunk on you. It doesn’t
make sense to be disappointed
about snow in the winter – this
isn’t the right season for us. I’m
so sorry that I keep pressing
myself against you; I’m even
more sorry for allowing you to
press yourself against me."
anne, i should be waiting to fall in love but instead i keep finding you (via anneisrestless)

I gave him pieces
Of something already broken
He held it in his hands, laughed, and smashed it beyond repair
I could only blink and stare
Because now when I look in his eyes
I feel fear
Because when I look in his eyes
I see her
Physically, he is here
Emotionally, he is hers
And now as we sit on this couch
We both stare blankly forward
Cities destroyed by natural disasters
His built with a blur unknown,
And mine built with him.

—- me. Just rambling and expressing.



I need this
"You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever.

That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it."
How I Met Your Mother  (via saintofsass)